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Technology Meets Heritage – Laser Scanning & More

When surveying a heritage or historic building, we deploy laser scanning technology as, when using traditional methods, recording the irregularities within such structures can be impossible or extremely time consuming. Laser scanning and the drawings derived from it reveal the full irregularities within an historic building.

Rooms are seldom anywhere near square, floors are rarely level and walls are invariably out of plumb. The use of laser scanning also reduces the need for site revisits. The high level of detail obtained though scanning provides designers and archaeologists with the complete information set needed to study and preserve the heritage fabric.

Where direct line of sight to a feature is not possible, additional measurements will be made using total stations, disto or tape. Wherever possible, non-contact instruments are preferred. When surveying a historic building, our heritage topographic surveyors take great care not to cause any damage to the building fabric. Targets are not applied to delicate surfaces using tape or glue.

In fact, we use statically charged targets or targets mounted on camera tripods. We also use tripods with rubberised feet so as to avoid any damage caused by spiked survey tripods.

Consult Our Specialist Heritage Building Surveyors

Contact us today if you have a project involving a listed building or heritage site that you require our assistance with – whether it requires surveying services, mapping or both.