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Coastal & Marine

Coastal & Marine

Topomaster’s involvement with the geospatial inputs to help alleviate such processes include:

Beach Monitoring

We carry out regular visits to survey beach profiles, as individual sections. Our team also applies laser scanning technology to capture the whole beach and make ‘difference map’ comparisons from year to year – or after storm events. We are experienced at both of these coastal surveying methods.


Bathymetric Surveys & Hydrographic Skills

Whilst we specialise in land surveying, we have skills in survey work on and underneath the water as well. Our specialist team provide bathymetric surveys and hydrographic surveys as and when required for nearshore coastal and inland water way projects. To learn of more bathymetric and hydrographic projects carried out by the Topomaster team, get in touch.

Ecological Surveys

We have been involved with innovative methods of surveying the extent of biotopes (extent of marine grasses) in inter-tidal zones to monitor changes over time. This was achieved using shore based laser scanning.


Of course, all of the above includes the ‘marine environment’ but here we want to emphasise our experience with the man made connections to the marine and maritime world.

Ports and Harbours

 We have provided all of the survey services required for the construction of new ports or development of existing ones. This has included the detailed scanning and modelling of roll on – roll off RoRo ramps and pontoons, quay walls and dock facilities.

Plus, we have also surveyed and mapped the sub-sea environment using ‘conventional’ echo sounding, multi beam and side scan sonar to map the sea bed, sub-sea walls and piles or columns. Boat mounted laser scanning provides a good view of harbour walls and jetties that cannot otherwise be accessed.

Ship Surveys

Topomaster has provided high accuracy survey services for the calibration of ship board navigation equipment plus offset computations from the ship’s centreline, datum plate to GPS, GNSS antennae, roll and pitch sensors and submersible autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipment.

Ship or Boat Building and Repairs

Laser scanning can be used to rapidly survey and assess damage to vessels, plus to survey complex shapes when no existing design drawings are available.

Coastal Construction

Topomaster  has been involved in the setting out of pontoon piles and other waterfront construction – even the accurate placement of subsea anchors for a rowing course.

During beach replenishment projects, we have acted for the contractors and also for the client  in surveying and measuring material volumes for accounting purposes.