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Calculating an inventory of stock piled or extracted materials can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. This type of information, however, is essential for the planning, monitoring or inventorying of resources. Ground surveys conducted to compute such data can be expensive because the number of instrument set-ups increase with the number of visual obstacles. Some operations would need to cease in order to insure the safety of the surveyors while on site. That is not an attractive option for a business. Occasionally, the material to be measured may be unstable or dangerous for anyone to be in close proximity.

The solution is a photogrammetric survey by Topomaster. Volumetric computations can be produced safely and economically using precision aerial photography as a foundation. Common applications include:

  • Inventory of stock piled material for the steel industry or coal fired power plants
  • Computing the volume of material removed from extraction industry quarries
  • Monitoring landfill capacity and compliance to closure plans
  • Determining cell containment capacity for the liquids terminal industry





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