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Topomaster employs AM/FM as an integration of two most influential and totally organized application systems. These are basically differentiated on the basis of utility and urban facilities management. Automated mapping provides better digital map maintenance without any content destruction whereas Facilities management system is capable of sorting, manipulating, processing and reporting data and it even generates a digital representation of the network. Together, both of them combine with GIS to provide an innovative outlook for facilities management system.


The different still similar techniques of AM/FM and GIS makes them distinct and the most organized and specific application systems. These tools are effective in the following realms of operation:-

  • Land management
  • Topography and plan of maps
  • Gas services and pipeline tracking
  • Forest, habitat and species management
  • Telecommunication, transport and media services
  • Vegetation management
  • Marketing and sales to target retail business
  • Education and research
  • Hydraulic network analysis
  • Banking, Insurance and Logistics
  • Ground water modeling
  • Study of regions for Disaster/Fire/Medical/Emergency service management
  • Law enforcement/ Military defense and security measures

This is a break through in the sphere of science and technology. Plus, it even eliminates the use of manual filing systems and map consolidation that in turn increases the velocity of reports for sophisticated infrastructure.


  • Reduces the chances of mis management of maps; maps won't deteriorate, misfiled or get lost.
  • Minimizes the cost of maintenance of filing and cabinets.
  • Data accessible at a single click, user-friendly and totally secure.
  • Minimal chances of duplication between departments.
  • Provides a consistent and shared pool of information.
  • Study of maintained and processed data ensures enhancements in new projects.
  • Systematically stored data.
  • Flexible options for analysis.
  • Provides solutions to sophisticated spatial queries.

The information requires consistent updates based on digitization of realms of infrastructure and maps and this should be of high quality, since these are used for defining future trends.


The automated mapping facilities management provides simplest, most comprehensive and effective function of generation of digital maps and reporting tasks that are active with an added features of advancement. We ignite the usage of the efficient tools like utility GIS mapping, in allowing an organization to check, maintain and organize its productivity.

Instead of distinct roots, GIS and AM/FM system have a similar goal to channelize map drafting and manipulate previous functions to achieve futuristic results by saving time and money.



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