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Any project involving construction or drainage studies require current and accurate project surface mapping. While such data can be easily collected via ground surveys, this methodology can be quite costly for larger projects or those with developed or wooded sites. Photogrammetric surveys provide an efficient means of developing topographic mapping for your project. Common applications include:

  • Golf course design
  • Volumetric computations
  • Construction planning
  • Municipal general planning
  • Storm Management
  • GIS applications


Real world coordinates are secured through a photo control survey at the project site. Photogrammetric technicians then observe a 3D photographic view of the terrain using precision stereo-digitizing equipment and record surface measurements in a computer graphics environment. This digital terrain model (DTM) is then processed to display contours for easy interpretation by the user.

Contours can be combined with planimetric data, or orthophoto imagery to produce a valuable tool for your project planning. The map scale or use scale and level of accuracy can be tailored to your project needs. The DTM data can also be used to determine cut and fill. The completed data is delivered as hard copy plotted maps and/or in your choice of Microstation DGN, AutoCad DWG or other popular digital formats.


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