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Topomaster has considerable experience in spatial modeling and analysis, and in building databases to model natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

Our service offerings include:

  • Generating soil and liquefaction maps from digital geological maps
  • Generating geotechnical databases, which comprise the aggregated hazard value for a given variable, such as soil, based on the distribution of land use /land cover conditions across a particular geocoding region, such as a postcode
  • Landslide susceptibility mapping using raster modeling
  • Identifying zones that have a potential risk from hurricanes, based on the distance to coast, roughness data (building roughness), and topography data
  • Hydrological analysis involving analyzing historical data and generating probabilistic flood events, catchment derivations, catchment property studies, and run off. This analysis also includes generating flood depths and flood extent maps for different scenarios that comprise modules such as, rainfall, runoff, and flood depth. This kind of river flood model helps agencies involved in risk and disaster management understand risk levels
  • Strike and dip calculations along the geological strata from the high resolution DEM, which can be used in sync with lithological and structural information to understand the cross sectional strata over the area
  • Environmental impact assessment to identify the potential impact of storage facilities for hazardous materials in populated areas
  • Mitigation and monitoring of hazardous materials and toxic waste areas that overlap with soils, water tables, and other surface and subsurface data
  • Digital terrain modeling (DTM), to analyze environmental phenomena or engineering projects that are influenced by elevation or slope aspects
  • Spatial display of erosion, sediment deposition, and dredge material sinks. Tracking the dispersion of pollutants in an aquifer
  • Developing the 3D visualizations of urban risk from both natural and man-made catastrophes
  • Geospatial analysis in carrying out seismic microzonation studies over urban areas




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