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Topomaster has extensive expertise in satellite image interpretation and processing, having worked with most of the commercially available satellite data products, including IKONOS, QuickBird, SPOT, ASTER, IRS, Landsat, Radarsat, MODIS, and NOAA.

Topomaster's remote sensing services include:

  • Land use/land cover morphology data (used in wireless network planning
  • Vector updates
  • Land use land cover mapping for environmental applications
  • High-resolution urban mapping
  • Agricultural crop acreage estimation and NDVI based crop yield estimation
  • Forest density mapping and species level forest mapping
  • Lava mapping
  • Hyperspectral based mineral mapping
  • Forest fire mapping
  • Hydrogeomorphic mapping and image based soil mapping
  • Ocean Color Monitoring (OCM) images for primary productivity and chlorophyll estimation
  • Snow and glacier mapping
  • DEM extraction from stereo pair of medium resolution images
  • DEM extraction from Interferometric Radarsat images
  • Feature extraction and Digital Terrain and Surface Modeling (DTM/SDM)


Topomaster uses satellite images to derive valuable and accurate information for a wide range of applications such as:
  • Telecom
  • Natural resource mapping
  • Watershed management
  • Livelihood development
  • Land use
  • Utility planning

Topomaster's value added remote sensing products/services include:

  • PAN-sharpened multi-spectral imagery products
  • Natural color PAN-sharpened products
  • Resolution merging across satellite platforms
  • Seamless color balanced mosaics of satellite images
  • Land use/land cover mosaics of large areas
  • Building elevation extraction from single off-nadir high resolution images

Topomaster has powerful hardware to store huge image data sets, including terabyte servers and dual processors. For processing larger geographical areas, Topomaster uses high-end remote sensing software.




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