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More and more aged buildings and heritage sites require official documentation in the form of plans and architectural drawings, not only to compile an archive with such structures but also to enable repair and refurbishment.

Topomaster can quickly and efficiently capture not only the site or structure in person but also the surrounding area in astounding detail, enabling anyone to visualize the entire are as well as the inside of structures without physically being there. The contactless nature of laser scanning and the minimal use of extra personnel ensures that sensitive sites are not put under unnecessary strain.


  • 3D models created from existing structure in various file formats (PDMS, PDS, Autocad, Microstation, 3DSMax, etc.)
  • Exact reproduction of any intricate site
  • Rapid capture and processing of results
  • Virtual site walkthroughs
  • Generation of 3D models for entire buildings as well as isolated site locations
  • 3D or 2D deliverables
  • Highly accurate and comprehensive scans
  • Lower costs
  • Deliverables can be edited in all the leading CAD formats


  • 3D models of structures and excavations
  • Promoting unknown sites or monuments to the public
  • Digitization and archiving of historically valuable works
  • Results presented via 3D visualization and simulation
  • Deformation and site integrity control
  • Creation of plan views, sections, flythroughs and walkthroughs
  • Maintenance, protection, modification of any kind of site
  • 3D spatial survey including measurements and inspection


  • Highly detailed high-density point cloud
  • 2D images (cross sections, layouts, panoramic navigable images)
  • 3D images with comments for mutual exchange of ideas and information
  • 3D models complete with equipment and materials catalog
  • File types: Autocad (DXF/DWG), Microstation (DGN), 3DStudioMax (3ds & max), Pointools (POD/PTL) , PDMS (macros), PDS, IGES, OBJ, STEP, VRML etc...


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