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Topomaster staff has had experience in cartography since 2007. Old hard copy plans and the content of technical documents can be digitized for incorporation into a Geographical Information System, while at the same time errors and inconsistencies are eliminated.

Topomaster has a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with the following:

  • Land registry plans
  • System plans
  • Geological maps
  • Bathymetric maps
  • Land use plans
  • Urban development plans
  • Land development plans
  • Risk prevention
  • Road routes
  • And anything else related


System operators for large, networked applications of a huge scale such as drinking water, sewage, telecoms and electricity all require data files which can be input in their Geographic Information System for processing and review. This involves the accurate, comprehensive and consistent digitization of cartographic information to make sure the reliability of the data base is guaranteed.

Topomaster can either generate or retrieve the base plan required for the depiction of the network by either using the existing base plan of the system operator, or by using suitable data files obtained from the relevant authorities. All the different information is then converted to a compatible format and can appear simultaneously in the GIS application.

The distribution systems together with its associated facilities are added to the existing network and all this is subsequently integrated with the base plan.


Topomaster offers everything from scanning of hard copy plans, assembly and clean-up of raster image files to digitization of plans for any application and in any way you require.



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