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The public is becoming increasingly accustomed to dealing with 3D visual tools and this means that both the public and private sector are looking to increase the ways with which they can provide this to their users.

Topomaster has all the tools and expertise required to deliver 3D models for any type of building or structure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, churches, museums, stadiums etc. All of these are not only highly accurate, but also presented so realistically that the user can feel that he is actually present on the site.

Perhaps the most important application for laser scanning however is in very sensitive heritage sites where even the slightest human intervention could damage either archaic structures or delicate items. Therefore, contactless laser scanning is the only way to capture the site in all its detail without affecting the site’s delicate nature at all.

The results can then be used for the production of plans, plan views, sections, cross-sections, elevations, profiles, even walkthroughs and flythroughs.



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