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Geological mapping is done to show geological features. It provides geographical and physical data required for computational services for industries working world wide. We outsource geological mapping services with cost effective means. This data is produced to depict the shape, size, structure of the objects shown on geographical maps.


  • Provides enormous knowledge about Earth's geology and hence provides data for comparison with other planets.
  • Geologists identify the areas suitable for urban development and agriculture practices.
  • To locate natural resource deposits like coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.
  • To locate areas prone to geological hazards like landslide, flood, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.
  • To locate mineral deposits and ground water resources.
  • Helps building infrastructure like roadways, pipelines, dams, railway track, highways, buildings etc.
  • Tracks the hazardous waste disposals for smooth administration.

Geologic mapping is complex analysis that requires a lot of hard work, consideration and manipulation of spatial and georeferenced data using the informative GIS tool. It is a useful scientific and commercial process to produce a list of maps that have number of uses. These maps produce beneficiary analysis and saves potential losses.

Geologists strive to know the composition and structure of Earth matter and depict information in GIS format. This provides basis for comparisons and facilitates analysis to offer results that can benefit our future. These maps are so useful that these have because the most requested scientific product.

These mapping services constitute a fundamental and commercial scientific basis; that is the foundation on which resource use is based. These maps keep a record of soil, water, forest etc on the land surface and protects valuable resources, avoiding risks of hazards by making the right use of land. We focus on practical aspects of geology, this is facilitated by the use of aerial photography, GIS based cartography, satellite imagery and GPS technology.

Geological mapping services involves obtaining information from the GIS and remote sensing methods. Geologists use this information and analyze it; to map range of geological characteristics that include mountains, rivers, valleys, rock structures etc.

This even helps in the following field:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Telecom
  • Environmental management
  • Public safety
  • Real estate and planning

These mapping services work a lot to improve the infrastructure requirements and at the same time helps in minimizing possible economic losses that might cause due to geological hazards. Several geologists are dependent on this technique to produce reports and work in the direction of improvement for the world. We provide help to these intelligent geologists by rendering our geological mapping services all over the world.


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