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Topomaster strives to provide optimum, business driven solutions and often undertakes a consulting assignment with a prospective client before proposing a comprehensive solution.

Topomaster assists clients with assessment of geographical data needs (User Needs Assessment), procedures for data collection and capture, and evaluation of hardware and software. We also undertake geospatial workflow analysis and design.

Topomaster carries out User Needs Assessment studies to help its clients identify and define the requirements for spatial data and relevant solutions within the organization. The results of the study address requirements for geospatial related data, applications, database design, implementation methods, and training. Topomaster formulates an implementation strategy to ensure effective integration of geospatial solutions within an organization. 

One of our consulting strengths is our ability to quickly identify ways in which workflow can be optimized or automated to provide immediate productivity gains. Topomaster will work with the client to implement any proposed optimization and automation solution.

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS), is a tool used to capture, store, analyse and manage mapping data (also referred to as spatial, location based or geographic information) and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth. Photomapping utilise an array of advanced GIS software and spatial applications including ESRI ArcGIS™, ER Mapper, ERDAS Imagine, and Microstation in our day to day operations. A critical business tool, a GIS is used to view imagery, analyse, revise and enrich spatial data, and are usually integrated with geo–databases to search, store and manage large spatial datasets and image collections. Different from plain textual information databases, geo–databases store data that are each linked to location such as geographic coordinates, latitude⁄longitude, or a map reference.

If you have used an online mapping tool, marine or in–car navigation system or mobile phone enabled street directory then you have experienced a basic form of GIS.
Advanced GIS software allows the management of entire road networks, communities, transport, our land and natural resources, and are also used as a tool to analyse, manipulate or manage spatial data themes and features.



Who uses GIS?

We all use maps and spatial information in our day to day lives, from catching a bus or public transport to heading to a new restaurant. The uptake of GIS services and spatial information is rapidly increasing with new users and applications harnessing the benefits of location based information. More advanced GIS services are regularly used by a number of government agencies, industries and companies such as:


  • Transportation; Road, Rail, Shipping, Ports and Logistics Companies
  • Municipalities, Councils and Local Governments
  • Town Planners, Surveyors, Developers, Builders, and Engineers
  • Water and Drainage, Electricity, Telephone, and Gas Utilities


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