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Due to their enormous size, land-based oil production sites involve huge distances.  Additionally, inside various areas, the space available to conduct the survey is very restricted, but accuracy is still imperative.  Topomaster, with a scanner range of 300 meters, used in combination with two highly accurate total stations, can minimize the time required for the survey’s completion, therefore saving time and money while achieving optimum results.



  • Global On-site operations
  • Rapid capture and processing of results
  • Highly accurate and comprehensive scans
  • Uninterrupted operations due to no-contact scanning
  • 3D models created from existing structure in various file formats (PDMS, PDS, Autocad, Microstation, 3DSMax, etc.)
  • Deliverables can be edited in the leading CAD formats
  • Specialized team
  • 3D or 2D deliverables
  • Service customized to your needs and requirements
  • Uninterrupted operations due to no-contact scanning


  • Addition of new equipment
  • Analysis of structural deformations
  • Formation of a comprehensive equipment data base
  • Maintenance operations
  • Surveying of piping and related equipment
  • Generation of 3D models for entire buildings and facilitates as well as isolated locations
  • Clash detection
  • Feasibility studies
  • 3D spatial survey including measurements and inspection
  • Generation of plan views, sections, flythroughs and walkthroughs
  • Installation or replacement of equipment and site renovations
  • Creation of as-built  and as-existing plans
  • Revamps
  • Compliance check of existing and new installations
  • Updating of existing plans as well as of equipment databases
  • Equipment replacement


  • 3D images with comments for mutual exchange of ideas and information
  • 3D models complete with equipment and materials catalog
  • 2D images (cross sections, layouts, panoramic navigable images)
  • Highly detailed high-density point cloud
  • File types: Autocad (DXF/DWG), Microstation (DGN), 3DStudioMax (3ds & max), Pointools (POD/PTL) , PDMS (macros), PDS, IGES, OBJ, STEP, VRML etc...


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