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    For a number of years, Topomaster has undertaken the capture of three-dimensional measurements in the industrial sector.

    3D scanning has already revolutionized the methods applied by design offices, maintenance companies and major industrial operators, specifically in the oil, gas and chemicals sectors.

    Topomaster, the leading Cyprus operator in on-site laser surveys, can deliver as-built 3D models of existing installations which will provide the user with options for the following:

    • the recording of dimensions;
    • the comparison of their plans with the actual situation;
    • the detection of collisions;
    • the anticipation of new pipe connections and the various clearances required for equipment.

    The technology deployed by Topomaster guarantees the accuracy of measurements and the exhaustiveness of surveys, thereby providing the assurance of a fault-free plan.

    The complexity of industrial redevelopment projects demands that analyses be based upon reliable measurements, as-built plans and 3D models which are accurate to the nearest centimetre.

    Companies who opt for this state-of-the-art technology will not abandon their existing working methods outright, and will often begin with a pilot project. Topomaster can provide the support you need for the effective management of this approach.\

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