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    • Design and Detailing of Process System / Facilities for Offshore Wellhead Platforms
    • Offshore / Onshore Oil & Gas Processing
    • Revamp / Modification of Facilities on Process/Wellhead Platforms
    • Carrying out Simulation Study to develop Mass & Heat Balance and to establish property databank.
    • Developing and updating Process Engineering deliverables.
    • Carrying out Effluent study and developing suitable system like Flare, Vent and Drain System.
    • Fire Water Hydraulics Study
    • Heat Exchanger Thermal Rating
    • Participating in HSE studies like HAZOP, SIL to record the design changes and to implement in Design Engineering.



    • Conceptual / FEED Designs
    • Pre-Bid Engineering
    • Engineering Surveys
    • Detail Engineering for Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
    • Review and Verification of Basic/ Detail design
    • Procurement Engineering
    • Installation Engineering
    • Project Management and Consultancy Services


    Assist you on Every Stage of Engineering


    Process Department

    • Heat and Mass Transfer Calculations
    • Pipe Sizing Calculations.
    • Flow Diagram Preparation.
    • Piping & Instrumentation Diagram Preparation.
    • Line List preparation.
    • Piping & Equipment Material Selection.
    • Pressure Drop Calculations (Pump /
    • Compressor, Etc. Head determination).
    • Network Analysis (PIPENET).
    • Equipment and Accessories selection.
    • Equipment (Storage tanks, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Process Columns, Reactors, etc.
    • Sizing Calculations and Data sheet preparation.
    • Process review of equipments.
    • Control Valve Sizing Calculations and
    • Data Sheet preparation.
    • Safety Valve Sizing Calculations and
    • Data Sheet preparation.
    • Flow Meter Data sheet Preparation.
    • Restricted Orifice sizing calculations and data sheet preparation.
    • Process Data Sheets for all Instruments.
    • As-Built

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    Piping Department

    • Piping Design
    • PipingMaterial specifications
    • ValvesMaterial Specification
    • Reinforcement Calculation
    • Layouts
    • Stress Analysis
    • Standard supports, Springs and
    • Special Support Designs
    • Vendor Drawing Reviews
    • 3DModeling (PDS/PDMS)
    • As-Built


    Mechanical Department

    • Design Basis
    • Requisition For Quotation
    • Technical Queries
    • Technical Bid Analysis
    • Purchase Specifications
    • Material Handling Reports
    • Static Equipment Design
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Tanks
    • Separators
    • General Arrangement Drawings for Static Equipment

    Instrumentation Department

    • Preparation of Control Philosophy
    • Preparation of Detailed Execution Drawings
    • Preparation of Instrument Index
    • Preparation of Instrument Elevation Plan
    • Preparation of Interlock Logic Diagrams
    • Preparation of Cable Tray / Cable Trench Layouts
    • Preparation of Junction Box Termination Drawings
    • Preparation of Instrument Hook up Drawings
    • Preparation of Cable Schedules
    • Preparation of Fire and Gas Drawings
    • Preparation of Cause and Effect Drawings
    • Preparation of Requisition and Specification of Instruments
    • SCADA I/O List
    • Technical Bid Evaluation
    • Review of Vendor Package Systems
    • Preparation of Bill of Materials
    • Preparation of Interface drawings for DCS, PLC, SCADA & MCC
    • Attending SAFOP / HAZOP meetings
    • Preparation of Earthing layouts for System and Field
    • Preparation of Scope of Work for Construction Activities
    • Preparation of FAT and SAT procedures
    • Preparation of AsBuilt Drawings and Documentation.
    • As-Built

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    Electrical Department

    The Electrical System for an Offshore Platform shall be designed to provide

    • Safety to personnel, equipments and marine life.
    • Reliability of service.
    • Minimal fire work
    • Ease of maintenance and convenience of operation
    • Standardization of equipment and material.
    • Protection against explosions and fire hazards
    • Automatic protection of all electrical equipments

    Through selective relaying system

    • Adequate provisions for future expansion and modification.
    • Hook-up provisions with existing facilities , wherever required
    •  As-Built

    Structural design engineering

    • Platform Analysis and Design Drawings / Modeling ,Two Dimensional, Three Dimensional,
    • Bulk MTO, Weight Control
    • Miscellaneous Design, Vortex Shedding ,Padeye and Trunnion ,DesignJoint
    • Design wave slam




     Jacket Design – In Service Analysis

    • In-place analysis, Seismic Analysis ,Fatigue Analysis ,Wave Response ,Ship Impact Design,
    • Jacket Design – Pre Service Analysis , Load out Analysis ,Tow Analysis ,Launch Analysis ,
    • Floatation Analysis ,Up-ending Analysis Offshore Lift Analysis
    • Structural design of Padeyes, Trunnions ,Sea Fasteners

     Deck Design

    • In-place Analysis ,Seismic Analysis ,Equipment Skid Design, Modular Support Frame ,
    • Design Dropped Object Analysis
    • Loadout Analysis, Tow Analysis, Offshore lift analysis

    Foundation Design

    • Review of Geo-Technical Report & Data Pile Sizing & Optimization Pile ,Drivability Analysis
    • On-bottom Stability, Mudmat Analysis, Anchor Pile Design including Drilled & Grouted

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    • Engineering for North Sea Jacket, Dynamic Response Analysis
    • Spectral Fatigue Analysis, LRFD Compliance analysis
    • Jack-up Rig Punch Through Study
    • Selection Of Jack-up In Different Subsoil
    • Rock Dumping Study for Spudcan Support Stabilization


    PPES offers project facilitation service and support as managing contractor in the project

    PPES Project Management & Control Philosophy:

    • Strategy Development
    • Bidder Prequalification
    • Tendering & Bid Evaluation
    • Contract Management
    • Engineering Approvals & Quality Assurance
    • Construction Management & Quality Assurance
    • Planning, Monitoring and Control
    • Health, Safety and Environment Management
    • Budgeting and Cash Flow Estimation
    • Procurement Services


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