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Topomaster offers several products and services to help with training. Topomaster can help a company determine if there are gaps for identified roles and if this is effecting the overall success of the maintenance organization. A few key areas are as follows:

Training and Qualification Needs Analysis

In this step, the information from the roles and responsibilities are combined with the data from the CMMS/ EAM system to develop a Duty-Task Needs analysis. This step will insure the data is available to develop the correct training for each of the job roles that were previously identified. This eliminates developing redundant or superfluous training materials, which is a waste of training, maintenance and operational resources.

Job Assignment Standardization

This step insures that the roles and responsibilities that were developed are standardized across the entire organization. This insures the organizational stability to develop the training program across the maintenance and operations organizations. This standardization will prevent the need for “custom training” based on each departments perceived needs. This will eliminate any waste in training program development. Topomaster also offers a number of training classes and workshops. We are always adding to the list. Many of these are taught as public workshops but others are taught specifically for customers at their sites. Some of the more popular training classes and workshops are:

SAP Specific Workshops

SAP Maintenance Training Workshops

Topomaster offers maintenance training workshops to address the needs of all levels within the organization, from executive managers to shop floor employees. We'll help you understand the functionality of the PM and MM modules and how SAP works for maintenance. Included in this workshop is information on maintenance best practices to further improve and advance your maintenance organization.

Planning and Scheduling in SAP

A planned and scheduled job may be completed at 50% of the cost of a job performed in reactive mode. Planning and scheduling maintenance work has to go hand in hand in order to achieve those results. This workshop will outline why scheduling is important, show different scheduling options available for SAP and provide a list of business benefits. for more on Planning and Scheduling in SAP.

Understanding ROI for SAP Plant Maintenance Implementations

This seminar will detail the business processes that are affected during a Plant Maintenance implementation and the return on investment that should be derived. Based on material from actual case studies, industry associations, and published sources, the presentation will show how to base line the current status and develop a projection of the future financial status of the organization. The presentation will conclude with a "boiler plate" that can be utilized in future Plant Maintenance projects.

Designing Maintenance Organizations for Optimum PM Utilization

Companies that implement PM are often not focused on how to fully utilize the system after "go-live". They fail to consider the evolution that an organization must undergo to fully realize their return on investment in PM. This presentation will focus on how to insure a company enables their maintenance organization to be successful. This presentation will conclude with a flow chart highlighting an effective methodology for developing an optimum maintenance organization.

Failure Code Workshop

This failure/event coding in SAP workshop focuses on the minimum SAP data required to perform effective reliability analysis, focusing primarily on work history data. Addressed in this workshop is work history coding that includes repair and failure event codes looking at various industry standards. The workshop is designed to guide the user to understand the impacts and benefits of inputting proper work history codes in SAP.

General Workshops

Zero Breakdown Strategies

When equipment reliability is the goal, the optimum situation is zero breakdowns. While the possibility of zero breakdowns seems unrealistic to some, that nevertheless is the target for many organizations. This seminar will examine the key areas responsible for breakdowns and how to overcome these obstacles.

CPMM Certification Review

This four day course is an extensive review of AFE's Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM) program. It consists of in depth review of the test subject, so the attendees will be well equipped to pass the CPMM exam. The exam will be presented on the 5th day and the attendees will have 4 hours to complete it. Once the exam is graded by the AFE, the attendees will be notified of their results and the appropriate certificate(s) will be issued.

Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management

Benchmarking helps companies find opportunities for improvement that will give them a competitive advantage. This seminar explores how Benchmarking can be an effective tool for improving the maintenance function. After examining the various processes within the maintenance and asset management functions, common Benchmarks will be discussed, highlighting the strengths and weakness of each. The seminar concludes with a methodology for linking maintenance and asset management benchmarks with corporate financial indicators.

Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies

Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies is a presentation designed to create an awareness of how a maintenance management function for a company can contribute or detract from a company's compliance with regulatory requirements. The presentation is not designed to provide a complete listing of every possible regulatory requirement and how maintenance managers can impact these requirements. Rather the presentation is designed to provide an overview of a maintenance strategy and how it will impact each of the four major compliance agencies (OSHA, EPA, FDA, and ISO). It also provides a cross-section of regulations for each of the agencies that a maintenance strategy will impact including some little-known regulations of which most companies will find themselves in violation.

Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance

Maintenance has often been regarded as a "necessary evil" or expense to the organization. One problem with managing the maintenance function effectively is that there are seldom the proper measurement and control systems in place. In order to effectively manage maintenance, a manager needs an effective method for capturing the impact of the maintenance function on the bottom line. This workshop will examine current maintenance and specific performance indicators that will help you develop a system of indicators for you organization


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