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Topomaster methodology also puts focus on making sure a company has the right overall strategy and KPIs established. As an area of strength for the organization, Topomaster works with companies to review a number of key areas such as the following:

Establish Critical Equipment/ Process

It is important that equipment or assets critical to the company’s business are clearly identified. This information is then used to drive the development of the maintenance and reliability programs that will be used to insure the equipment/ assets are capable of performing their designed functions. This insures that the company will be able to maximize its return on investment in the assets (ROA) and also that no competitor will be able to gain a ROA advantage and leverage this advantage into a market advantage.

Establish OEE Benchmarks and Financials

The clear understanding of the design capabilities of the critical equipment/ assets can be quantified by developing an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) benchmark for each identified item.. Focusing the resources on the equipment/ process constraints will allow for a more rapid ROI in a maintenance improvement initiative.

Develop proper KPI’s

A key to success for maintenance initiatives are the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will be used to measure each of the strategies to the business benefits that are necessary to develop the initial and on-going executive support. This insures that the rest of the organization will follow the strategic business plan that the maintenance initiatives will develop. Topomaster will help select the right KPIs.

Implement Reporting/ Communication for KPIs

In this step the communication tools for providing the proper KPI data to each level of the organization are determined. The communication must occur at several levels if the data is to be meaningful for all parts of the organization. The data must be communicated (at a minimum) on strategic, financial, and tactical levels. Selecting the communication is critical to maintaining cross organizational support for maintenance improvement efforts.


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