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Validating Fabricated Items With Design Minimize

Topomaster validates that fabricated items meet design specifications before shipping to eliminate interferences, fit-up problems and field work. 




Dimensional Assurance for Zero-Defect Fabrication

Fabricated item errors, such as incorrect flange centers, lengths, rotations and skews are eliminated with dimensional checks to ensure there are no defects in fabrication. Topomaster employs an experienced team of specialists using dimensional control, verification and assurance work process to verify that everything matches the design specifications prior to shipment. By checking that fabricated items match design, Topomaster clients have been able to reduce field fit-up welds as well as fabrication clashes.


Spool Inspection Reports

Spool Inspection Reports ensure that the fabricated dimensions of spool pieces, including flange center, bolt rotation, flange skew and critical design lengths are according to specification. These reports are critical when a project contains significant fabricated spools or field work must be minimized.






Line Inspection Reports for Validating Lines Assembly and Fit

Line Inspection Reports are needed to ensure that full sets of fabricated spools, valves, fittings and gaskets will both fit together without exceeding the assembly tolerances due to accumulated tolerances or variation in standard equipment. Line Inspection Reports are needed when a project contains significant fabricated spools, has fixed tie points or a tight schedule.



Structure Inspection Reports to Verify the Structure

Structure Inspection Reports are used to verify the fabricated dimensions of structures, including beam and column placement and critical design lengths. They are needed when a project contains a large amount of fabricated structure, field fabrication is limited or not possible or field welds must be minimized.

Typical Benefits from Verifying Fabricated Items with Design

By verifying fabricated items match design, Topomaster clients are able to

  • Verify fabrication to eliminate unnecessary field welds
  • Cut fabrication clashes and interferences by ensuring that a design with no defects is achieved in the final fabricated items


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