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Topomaster goes over proposed designs for the facility in question to classify and resolve several design issues which can reducing design time, clashes and field welds.



Design Reviews to Ensure a Design without Defects

Topomaster employs an experienced team to review proposed piping, supports, equipment, and other modifications to the facility in question, to ensure they are free of issues that could cause problems. Design reviews are central when a project contains new or modified piping, pipe supports or structure and has to conform to a tight schedule. By identifying and resolving design issues, Topomaster clients have been able to significantly decrease design time and design clashes.

Piping Clash Reports for Clash-free Piping Installation

Piping Clash Reports review 2D isometrics and 3D CAD piping designs and can suggest solutions such as alternate routings when clashes are identified. Therefore minimal to no clashes can be achieved from the beginning.





Pipe Support Reports for problem-free installation

Pipe Support Reports can be used to identify clashes and errors in placement on structural steel or other issues. Solutions are then suggested that help ensure that piping supports can be installed with minimal or no problems.


Structural Reports for Issue-free Structural Installation

Clashes in structural design are reviewed in Structural reports and incorrect connection assumptions or other issues are highlighted and possible solutions are suggested. Hence structures and connections can be installed with minimal or no problems.

Identifying and Resolving Design Issues results in the following benefits

  • Reduced remodeling time since only new equipment and tie points are modeled
  • Decreased design time from a team of trained and experienced point cloud design specialists
  • Identify and correct potential clashes from issues in new designs
  • Designs reviewed to identify and eliminate unnecessary field welds




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