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Topomaster capabilities for integrating captured facilities with 3D CAD using various CAD Conversion Options include
  • Access to 3D Models as well as Point Clouds
  • Working with Multiple Design Software
  • Using Laser Models in conjunction with CAD models
  • Loading Neighboring Laser Models
  • Point, distance, volume and piping measurements
  • Graphical view of laser scan locations
  • Clip and slice to remove obstructions or focus on a specific area
  • Display CAD models as solid, wireframe, with true color or a variety of graphical modes
  • Clash Laser Models with CAD models and existing structures with proposed modifications

Integrate the Captured Point-Clouds into Multiple 3D CAD Formats

Importing point clouds in a CAD environment enables 3D CAD models from various formats (such as AutoCAD, Catia, MicroStation and PDS) to be analysed to view with and clash against one another and the actual Laser Models.

Typical Benefits of Integrating the captured point cloud with 3D CAD

By integrating the captured point cloud and 3D CAD, Topomaster clients have typically been able to

  • Reduce remodeling time by 85% by using the digitized facility instead of remodeling
  • Reduce field trips by 95% since virtual site visits are possible instead of actual trips
  • Decrease design time by 60% by having instant and total access to information



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