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Topomaster digitizes facilities using laser scanning to safely capture more information in less time with less personnel and negligible elevated work.



Patented Laser Scanning Technology Designed for Safe Real-World Use

At the core of Topomaster’s services is the Leica C10, a top-of-the-line scanner designed to provide high-speed, high-resolution 360-degree data capture. This laser scanning technology helps to ensure that data can be safely and accurately collected in many real-world situations. By digitizing facilities using laser scanning, Topomaster clients have been able to reduce field time by 80%, field personnel by 50% and elevated work by 90%. 



Standard Calibration Process for Laser Scan Data Quality

Prior to deployment, the C10 passes a series of tests in a calibration chamber with thousands of measurement points. Topomaster's standard calibration process helps ensure laser scan data quality and accuracy.






 Proven Field Data Collection Process for Information Capture

Improper field data collection can result in blind spots, missed scope, data misalignment and general poor project execution. Topomaster's proven field data collection process helps to ensure that the required information is captured quickly, efficiently and safely.




 Patented Field Registration Process for Speed and Quality

After field data collection, the individual laser scans must then be registered (incorporated) into a single network  which will represent the entire digitized facility. Leica technology enables registration of laser scans in the field without survey, increasing data collection and turnaround speed, eliminating errors and providing a statistically calculated registration accuracy.  

Powerful Capabilities to Reduce Field Time and Elevated Work

Topomaster capabilities for capturing facilities using laser scanning include

  •  Temperature and humidity compensation
  • Laser scanner calibration reports
  • Field planning and execution work process
  • Quality reports for overall project registration accuracy
  • Semi-permanent targets for long-term projects

Typical Benefits from Digitizing Facilities using Laser Scanning

By digitizing facilities using laser scanning, Topomaster clients have typically been able to

  • Reduce field time by 80% compared to manual measurements  
  • Capture facilities with only a 2-person crew
  • Reduce scaffolding and dimbing typically required to capture higher equipment or structures 



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