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Topomaster validates tie point information in any facility, providing precise starting points for design to reduce design time, design clashes and field welds.




Verifying Tie Points to Enable a Correct Design from the Start

Correct tie point information is vital if the design is to be error-free. Design decisions based on incorrect tie point coordinates or flange details will result in significant costs due to rework. Topomaster has an experienced team that can verify tie point information and use it in our specialized software for use during design. Verified tie points are almost a necessity for large projects with a lot of tie points and a tight schedule. By verifying tie point information, Topomaster clients have been able to substantially decrease design time, design clashes and field fit-up welds.


Using Tie Point Reports for Precision Starting Points

Using a Tie Point report provides the precise co-ordinates of the Tie-point so that the new expansion can be designed with the exact spatial co-ordinates required to eliminate any errors in placement which might require additional rework or welding to correct. Therefore Tie Point Reports help to minimize costs even further.





Eliminate Flange Defects with Design Point Reports

Design Point Reports are similar to Tie Point Reports, but are more comprehensive; including data such as flange information (size, weight, type, number of bolts, etc). Hence increased information for design eliminates tie point flanges as another possible source of defects.


Design Faster Using Design Point Reports and CAD Models

Design Point Reports and CAD Models are a Design Point Report with a CAD model of the tie point. This allows better visualization of new designs, eliminating manual recreation of tie points in design software and hence another possible source of defects.

Decreasing Design Time and Welds

Topomaster capabilities for certifying tie point information

  • Comparison between tie points and designs
  • Add tie points directly to the model of the facility

Typical Benefits from Certifying Tie Point Information

 Using certified tie point information, Topomaster clients are able to

  • Greatly reduced field trips by removing tie point uncertainty
  • Greatly reduce remodeling time by accessing tie points directly instead of wasting time by trying to remodel
  • Decreased design time by having access to a common source of tie point information during design
  • Reduce field fit-up welds by using precise tie points for design




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