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Topomaster provides access to the photo-realistic data captured on networked PC’s for virtual site visits to extract measurements and to facilitate complete access to the information needed for design, thus reducing field trips, remodeling and design time.



Use Leica’s Tru-View software to navigate the captured facility from wherever you are

Leica’s Tru-view brings reality to your desktop by enabling captured facilities to be accessed as photo-realistic measurable laser images. Thus enables clients to decrease field trips by as much as 90%, remodeling time by 50% and design time by 50%.


Photo-realistic Laser Images for Virtual Site Visits

Laser Images are photo-realistic, panoramic images viewed from the position of the scanner. Because Laser Images are 360-degree images, they may be panned and zoomed to view the surrounding area.




Detailed Laser Models for More Comprehensive Designs

The point cloud of the captured facility can be used to construct an intelligent 3D model of the facility which is much dearer and simpler to visualize, and can also contain intelligence where each part of the model belongs to a specific category, according to its location or function. Fly-throughs and walk-throughs can then be performed to get an even clearer understanding of the facility in question.


Powerful Capabilities to Decrease Field Trips and Design Time

Topomaster’s capacity for accessing a facility or site on the desktop using a range of dedicated software includes:

  • Point, distance and piping measurements
  • Clip and slice to remove obstructions
  • Graphical view of laser scan locations
  • Load Neighboring Laser Models
  • Links to facility information from Laser Models
  • Import and clash test the various CAD models
  • Intelligent management of entire facility

Integrate the captured facility with 3D CAD programs such as AutoCAD, AutoPlant, MicroStation, PDMS, PDS, SmartPlant. This integration of a high-definition model into 3D CAD allows access to more complete information for design, further reducing remodeling time, design time and design clashes. Put reality into your 3D Designs using the vast amount of captured information.



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