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Topomaster has expanded its range of civil engineering and surveying services by utilizing the revolutionary technology of 3D Laser Scanning. This powerful tool enables the collection of millions of points in a very short amount of time. These points can result in a photo-realistic spatial image known as a point cloud. The data can then be translated into 2D line work, 3D line work or 3D models which can be exported into most CAD formats.



  • Fast data capture (thousands of points per second)
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Complete data collection reduces or eliminates rework
  • Accurate CAD model generation
  • Safer alternative for measuring harmful material or difficult to reach areas



  • Archaeological & Heritage Site Surveys
  • Oil & Gas Offshore Platform Modifications/Expansions
  • Building and Civil Engineering
  • Traffic accidents & forensic/crime scene Surveys
  • Mining Volumetric and Extraction Modeling
  • Nuclear Facilities Surveys





  • 3D or 2D CAD Models and line drawings
  • Volumetric Analysis

Surveying a building in the past implied the use of a Total Station to record chosen three-dimensional positions which would then be processed in AUTOCAD. With a laser scanner three-dimensional positions can be recorded at a predetermined resolution over a chosen area, capturing thousands of high-accuracy coordinates.

The two major advantages of using laser scanning are extreme speed, which vastly reduces the time on site, and also huge quantities of data are generated, therefore the client is not restricted in the traditional way. Back in the office you can then take any number of measurements from the data, as well as generate elevations, ortho-images or to extract 3D models.

The laser scanner can also record colour using the in-built digital camera which can then be mapped to each data point collected, providing a colour-rendered cloud of three-dimensional data.  The scanner is also capable of recording reflectance intensity, since different surfaces will reflect the laser beam better than others. This information may be mapped using different colours onto the point cloud data and so enables us to highlight differences between different materials and even different states of repair.

The data can be used to generate drawn elevations and plans but also to generate mesh or solid surfaces and even intelligent 3D models that can form the basis for additional modeling and visualization. Additionally they can be used as the foundation for architectural design, to investigate how new buildings might fit within their surrounding environment.

After scanning a building or utility, we can upload the results online using Leica's Tru-View plug-in. This provides a 3D online environment that can be used to view and take measurements from the point cloud, using a standard web browser. This enables engineers and managers to visualise a project in its true location and then work together on a project marking up and sharing dimensionally accurate notes.


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