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At a glance

Oil and gas still are the main sources of energy for the global economy – in fact, the demand for fossil fuels is expected to grow and the prices for oil and gas are predicted to increase over the next years. New plants have to be designed to allow for speedy commissioning as well as flexible and safe operation.  The industry has to find ways of reducing the costs and risks associated with developing new fields in deep sea or extreme climates.                                                                                                                                                     


Oil and gas industry is looking for answers to questions such as:

  • How to shorten the engineering cycles?
  • How to manage complexity and changes?
  • How to achieve operational excellence?
  • How to keep and transfer knowledge?
  • How to decrease the total cost of ownership?

Many customers worldwide are already using a holistic software solution concept for the efficient planning and operation in just one system:  With COMOS, Siemens helps oil and gas companies to rise to the challenges of this dynamic market environment – by integrating engineering with operations and ensuring data consistency across the entire plant lifecycle.  See yourself!



While the general market environment is the same for all segments, some requirements are unique to specific processes. Upstream plants are faced with operations in challenging conditions, such as in deep-sea drilling or in the arctic. Key issues are strict regulatory requirements, extending platform life and efficient extraction of hydrocarbons. Downstream facilities have to be able to flexibly adapt capacities and processes to satisfy an increasingly volatile market while delivering consistent product quality obtained at minimum cost.

EPCs have to shorten project runtimes, enable a collaboration platform for global teams working with different engineering systems – and ensure an efficient handover of the plant to the operator. Plant owners and operators need to ensure both plant availability and environmental and workplace safety. For this, they need consistent data and documentation.

With COMOS, Siemens offers a truly unique and comprehensive software solution for the integrated management of plant and project data. COMOS provides a single data base for all plant and project data. The open software platform comprises solutions for all stages of the plant and project lifecycle and can be easily tailored to perfectly match the specific requirements.

COMOS ensures that engineers and operators can access data anytime, anywhere to speed up engineering times, optimally exploit available resources and to facilitate the creation of custom designs for specific technical requirements. And finally, it creates a collaborative environment for teams across sites and disciplines to increase work efficiency and safety.

COMOS offers the oil and gas industry:

  • Effective supply chain collaboration and sourcing to streamline engineering and planning in global teams.
  • Compile all lifecycle and engineering information in one common data base to efficiently manage increasingly complex data.
  • Track and manage asset data and documents to ensure better regulatory compliance and optimum availability.
    Attract, retain and efficiently deploy human resources by providing a consistent knowledge base of engineering and plant information.
  • Create and maintain a consistent plant and project documentation to support efficient and effective maintenance and modification.



The first step towards higher efficiency and flexibility in plant lifecycle management is ensuring spotless  data quality throughout all phases of the plant lifecycle. Data has to be transferred smoothly from engineering to operations and vice versa, documentation has to be updated to always reflect the as-built state.

With COMOS, Siemens provides the perfect answer to these challenges with a software solution that integrates all data across the entire plant and project lifecyle. The oil and gas industry can benefit from a software solution that ensures a seamless flow of information across all involved disciplines: from process design, basic and detail engineering to commissioning, operations and modernization.

COMOS is based on an object-oriented concept. Each process or equipment object exists only once in the uniform COMOS database. All relevant engineering and lifecycle data as well as documentation is directly linked to this object. This enables standardization and prevents data duplication. Plant and project documentation is stored and maintained in a secure, central database, providing access to authorized staff from all over the world while protecting knowhow and safeguarding investments.

Any changes made within plant engineering are immediately available to all other disciplines and departments without the need for interfaces. This affords you optimum transparency and interoperability – over the entire plant lifecycle. Serving as a central data hub, COMOS enables site-wide and even global standardization of engineering and compliance standards, templates and documents.
Changes can be managed, reviewed and released using workflows and working layers, ensuring change control and visibility. The open software architecture facilitates optimum integration of third-party systems. Data can be exchanged using open standards such as XML and ISO 15926, ensuring easy integration into existing electronic data processing landscapes.

Additionally, COMOS provides a tailored set of solutions that support efficient commissioning and operation. For example, COMOS Walkinside instantly links a virtual reality model with current plant information. The software solution displays the current status of a plant with a 3D simulation that is virtually true to life. The advanced 3D visualization supports plant commissioning and operator and staff training by providing a virtual reality environment. COMOS helps plant operators meet health, safety and environment (HSE) requirements by facilitating specific training sessions as well as emergency drills. And finally, solutions for service and maintenance management as well as shutdown, modernization and inspection management make sure your installation keeps up with the market requirements.



All together, COMOS provides an environment that enables intelligent data management for highest plant availability and safety. The oil and gas industry will benefit from an effective management of their processes and operations throughout the entire lifecycle and in full compliance with regulations – from upstream to downstream, from process design to engineering and commissioning to maintenance and overhaul.

Your benefits with COMOS:

  • More efficient processes throughout the entire plant lifecycle
  • Access to consistent and actual plant information at all times
  • Greater reliability in decision-making
  • Global collaboration and parallel engineering in distributed teams
  • Paperless lifecycle management

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