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At a glance

The chemicals industry is one of the global engines for economic growth and its markets are continuously changing. Even as early as in the design and engineering phase of plants, the requirements are extremely high. In multinational corporations as well as in specialized medium-sized companies, the same questions need to be asked:

  • How can productivity, quality and safety be increased?
  • How can the time to market be reduced?
  • How can internal company know-how be a) safeguarded and b) used to make profits?
  • Where and how can processes be improved and at the same time suitably documented?                                                                                                               



The basis for successful answers to these and many other questions is created during plant design and engineering: maximum quality in combination with shortened workflows. Efficiency in plant engineering is only possible with consistent data management including standardized data specification and consistent documentation.Many customers worldwide see the key to success in a holistic software solution concept for efficient engineering and operation of chemicals plants: COMOS. See for yourself



Increase your success by using our software solution in your company. COMOS offers significant opportunities:

COMOS allows end-to end engineering of chemical plants from the initial plant design and the basic and detail engineering right through to operation of the plant. Even as early as in the FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) phase, data can be taken from simulation applications and included in the process flow diagram (PFD) in COMOS. In all engineering phases, all the various disciplines such as piping and instrumentation planning as well as electrical and functional planning, including all related documents and data sheets, are created based on uniform data. Thanks to the object orientation in COMOS, all the information relating to a device exists only once in the database. This guarantees an information flow without inconsistencies and ensures that all the disciplines involved in the project have access to up-to-date plant information at all times.

This also applies to plant operation: COMOS provides solutions for all inspection and maintenance tasks as well as for restructuring and expanding the plant. These solutions support you during planning and organization and ensure that data continues to be written and updated at the same time - including the entire documentation!

The open system architecture of COMOS allows adaptation to specific operational requirements, for example the integration of a company's own dimensioning tools or programs for designing equipment. COMOS also supports international standards such as ISO 15926. The seamless integration of COMOS applications in existing EDP landscapes allows you to retain existing workflows and working environments while improving work efficiency.

Internal company knowledge is easy to safeguard: Company know-how that has been implemented once as a solution with COMOS can be used time and again for similar challenges. This means that processes and even entire plant configurations can be used again for new products.

Thanks to the lifecycle engineering with COMOS, the planning and operational world can be ideally intermeshed. This allows more efficient workflows and higher productivity throughout the entire plant lifecycle.



As an integrated data and information platform, COMOS supports you during the engineering and operation of chemicals plants – from process engineering, process equipment and the planning of electrical, measurement, open- and closed-loop control systems, to the automation, right through to plant operation. A uniform database and an end-to-end system architecture form the cornerstones for the integration. Over and above this, COMOS software solutions support you in mastering typical tasks:

With COMOS, you have full transparency and control from the very first process design step onwards. All processes can be reproduced in process flow diagrams and represented clearly. The object-oriented approach allows the reliable linking of information to all individual parts of the plant. All the required data sheets and lists such as overview diagrams, material information, equipment lists etc. can be generated automatically. The created process flow diagrams can be linked to piping and instrumentation diagrams very simply. All the data and information from front end engineering and design is therefore directly available for further planning.

The pipe engineering and pipe spec management in COMOS guarantee the creation of 3D models and pipe isometric drawings with assured quality. The creation of circuit diagrams and loop diagrams as well as the planning of the switchgear including automation solutions are simple to implement with this software solution. The integration of all disciplines due to the object orientation and the uniform database ensures the consistency of all descriptions and specifications and allows work to be distributed without interface problems.

The COMOS portfolio provides specialized software solutions for the entire lifecycle of chemicals plants. The modular structure and total integration of all COMOS applications allow individual solutions for company-specific tasks while embedding the information in the overall context of the relevant projects.



When you use COMOS, you win in more ways than one: As an integrated software solution for holistic plant management, COMOS considerably reduces the number of applications required to plan your chemicals plants. Current data is available to every employee at any time and worldwide. This means that all specialist disciplines involved can work at the same time on the basis of uniform data. Interface losses are significantly minimized even when external partners or suppliers are involved. The quality of the plant data is improved and the reliability of decisions is increased. This allows you to reduce your costs and shorten your time to market.

The uniform data platform ensures an information flow of the project-relevant data without gaps throughout all project phases and company levels. Reduce your operating costs with optimum support in engineering and operation! At the same time, due to integration of real-time plant data and engineering data, you always have up-to-date plant documentation.

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