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Topomaster specializes in the capturing of three-dimensional measurements for a wide range of industrial facilities.

3D scanning is a ground-breaking method that is gaining an increasing foothold with major industrial operators, maintenance companies and especially the oil, gas and chemical industry.

Topomaster, the leading Cyprus operator in on-site laser surveys, is dedicated to delivering quality as-built 3D models of existing installations providing the user with a multitude of options such as:

  • recording of dimensions;
  • comparison of plans with the as-built situation;
  • collision and clash detection;
  • planning new pipe connections and determining the various clearances required for.

Topomaster guarantees the accuracy of measurements and the completenes of surveys with the use of the latest technologies, ensuring the delivery of an error-free plan.

Industrial modification projects require reliable analysis, to ensure that the as-built plans and 3D models are accurate to the highest degree possible.

Converting to this state-of-the-art technology does not mean existing working methods are now obsolete, and hence Topomaster will often offer a small pilot project, while providing all the support your business might need to effectively managethis new approach.


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