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Further information see Plant design becomes more complex. The software solution COMOS combines the configuration of all plant items of a project in one database in the form of a joint data model. All data is stored and managed at a central location. Once entered, it is available to everyone. This means that any inconsistencies and frictional losses are excluded. The project's overall quality increases considerably.



3D visualization in plant operations                                      Watch Video

Further information see This short story was meant to give you an outline of the already available benefits of the integrated COMOS system with 3D connection, focusing on owner/operators. The usage of 3D visualization software enables owner operators to walk through the plant exactly like in a computer game. The model is always kept up-to-date by his engineering department. So you are walking through an as-built environment.


COMOS Walkinside - Powerful 3D Virtual Reality Visualization   Watch Video

As part of COMOS - -, our integrated software solution for comprehensive lifecycle management of plant projects in the process industry, COMOS Walkinside from Siemens makes it possible to use 3D engineering data from the basic and detail engineering stage throughout the entire plant lifecycle. This makes it possible to realistically represent highly complex plant models in three dimensions.


Immersive Operator Training with COMOS Walkinside              Watch Video

COMOS Walkinside enables the usage of 3D engineering data from the basic and detail engineering phases throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Highly complex process plant models can be represented realistically in three dimensions, with COMOS acting as a global data center. Up-to-date plant data is always available and can be used not only for engineering and monitoring purposes, but also for operation and training. Service and maintenance work can be planned, simulated and executed efficiently. COMOS Walkinside offers powerful solutions for 3D virtual reality model building and viewing. It can be used for immersive operator training and delivers tools for efficient data exchange with third party applications as well as distributed real-time collaboration.




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