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Topomaster Ltd is recognized as one of the Cyprus leading Engineering organizations. We have been providing specialist engineering to government agencies, utility companies, and private companies. From our office in Nicosia  we provide a full range of engineering services,

We have earned a reputation in the industry for excellence by providing a high quality, accurate and professional service, securing contracts from private and government clients across the Cyprus.

With a genuine customer focus, we bring together the right skills, experience and technology to meet the needs of each individual project. Working closely with each client, we offer a unique level of service, whatever the project size, needs or budget. 

We are continually investing in specialist equipment for our surveying as well as the latest technology in our processing capability. Topomaster Ltd has a team committed to providing quality, accurate, and cost effective engineering services

We will strive in every way possible to provide our clients with completed projects that will meet or exceed all requirements and that will expedite the progress of any project.

We are fully committed to the continuous professional development of all our staff. We will utilize the latest available technology to process our data and will educate ourselves effectively in the use of this technology.


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